SUNMI P2 Smartpad

 410,00 ex.

Payment Methods: Contactless, EMV Chip, NFC, QR code & Apple / Google pay

Screen: 4″ HD 480 x 800 touchscreen

Interface: Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB-C, WiFi

Payment provider: Multisafepay


**Reliable and Innovative Payment with the SUNMI P2 Smartpad**

The SUNMI P2 Smartpad provides an advanced solution for all your payment needs. With its rugged steel casing and powerful performance, this smart payment terminal is ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises.

This all-in-one terminal supports various payment methods such as NFC, EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe. The user-friendly touchscreen lets you process payments quickly and efficiently, while customers enjoy a smooth experience.

In addition, integration with cloud-based services ensures that data is securely stored and easily accessible wherever you are.

Choose the reliability and innovation of the SUNMI P2 Smartpad to take your business to the next level by ensuring seamless transactions.