NUC mini pc

 425,00 ex.

Make your space work for you with the compact NUC mini PC. This powerful, versatile computer saves valuable space without sacrificing performance. Perfect for any restaurant, this mini PC offers fast processing and reliable connectivity.

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### The Powerful and Compact NUC Mini PC for Every Day

The NUC mini PC offers unmatched performance in a compact design. Ideal for both professional use and at home, this little powerhouse fits effortlessly on any desk. Equipped with powerful processors and ample storage, the NUC mini PC is perfect for multitasking, video conferencing and running multiple applications simultaneously.

With its energy-efficient technology, your power consumption stays low without compromising speed or functionality. In addition, its quiet operation ensures that you can work or enjoy entertainment undisturbed.

Experience the flexibility to set up a work environment anywhere thanks to its lightweight and portable design. Whether you need to give presentations on the go or just want to enjoy multimedia at home, the NUC mini PC always delivers reliable performance.

Increase your productivity with this smart device that seamlessly meets all your daily needs!