Bon rolls, thermal paper, 80mm

 88,00 ex.

Top quality thermal paper in a width of 80mm for sharp, durable prints and as much as 80m! Reliable performance with long life that ensures clear readability every time. Ideal for a busy hospitality environment.


### Reliable Thermal Coupon Rolls 80mm for Daily Use

These high-quality 80mm thermal receipt rolls are perfect for various POS systems and payment terminals. Made of durable thermal paper, they deliver sharp and clear prints without the need for ink, ensuring reliable performance with every transaction.

The rollers are easy to install, reduce maintenance time and improve workflow efficiency. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly materials contributes to sustainability, which aligns with your values regarding corporate responsibility.

With these thermal receipt rollers, you can be confident that every customer will go home with a neat and legible receipt. Make sure your business is always well prepared by restocking today!

The box contains as many as 50 rolls!